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Camp dans la forêt tropicale du Gabon
Landing in the forestry camp

« Unless the east-african countries, in Gabon the fauna is very shy, yet always surprising .

Like these forest buffalos rushing out of nowhere near our camp. Or the ibises, hornbills, turacos that fly off from the forest canopy, making harsh calls. Or the sound of branches and foliage as monkeys jump from tree to tree...»

Saturnidae Lobobunaea goodi saturnide
carte de la lagune Fernan Vaz et Liambissi

Reaching the crocodile caves of Abanda is the actual difficulty of the caving expedition (the crocodiles themselves excepted).

You must first drive across Gabon on bumpy dirt track and reaching Omboue and the Liambissi research station.

By boat, sail the Fernan Vaz lagoon, then sail up the Olande river, and stop at a forestry camp.

From there, continue by foot on a trail through the forest until you arrive in a clearing near a small stream, rare in the late dry season. It is the ideal place to plant our tents.

Finally, make your way through the forest to the caves, without getting lost. They are located 3 km from the camp, and are completely hidden in the lush vegetation.

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